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Design of the Mound System of Waste Water Treatment

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Design of the Mound System of Waste Water Treatment

Post by HallettStan on Sat Oct 22, 2011 12:07 am

A mound system is used as a replacement to the traditional septic system. This method is used in the soil unsuitable for the septic system.
The mound system consists of a septic tank, a dosing chamber and a mound. The septic tank contains waste from homes. Here the solid fraction settles down to the bottom of the tank. The effluent is then sent to the dosing chamber which is another tank. The effluent is evenly distributed in doses into the mound in the dosing chamber. While moving through the mound sand the waste water is partially treated. In the soil beneath the mound the final treatment and disposal occurs. The effluent is better handled by the mound system as it doesn’t come into the mound at once and hence it is better cleaned and the mound system is prevented from frequent failures.
The absorption mound consists of layers at different depths. The depth of the limiting layer of the soil determines the depths of these layers. The depth to seasonal water table, depth to bedrock, depth to a fragipan or depth to a glacial till is the limiting layer in soil. The soil in the area where the mound will be placed should not be compacted or disturbed when installing a mound system. Trees if present in that area should be cut away at ground level. To avoid the down slope of the mound from getting compacted, work should always be done from upslope.
Each Cochin apartment is trying to use the best method of waste water treatment suitable for that area.


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