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God is Just Empty God is Just

Post by CheeseKing on Mon Apr 06, 2009 1:13 am

Pastor Walter Hoye, a bold warrior of the faith, was moved by the Spirit of God to stand against the senseless murder of the unborn children in Oakland, California. The world stood against his righteous stand, putting him to trial for breaking the notorious Bubble Law (a law requiring protesters to be 8 feet from women entering abortion facilities). Sadly false witnesses rose up against him and though clear evidence showed the accusers confronted him (and not the reverse), the corrupt judge, careless jurors, and false witnesses prevailed. Unbeknownst to them, it was just as Christ, being innocent and standing for righteousness, was put to death, having false witnesses condemning him. Christ died, but triumphed, being raised from the dead and the wicked who had sought Christ's life had sought their own lives, laying a net for their own feet. Pastor Hoye was sentenced to a 30-day stay in the Santa Rita Prison of Dublin, California and two days later, a divine act of providence was displayed.

Irving Feldkamp is the proud owner of the very facility Pastor Hoye picketed at. It is one of his seventeen facilities, making him the owner of the largest privately owned abortion clinic chain. Only two days after Pastor Hoye was sentenced, a small plane crash landed in a Montana cemetery. Who was on board? Irving Feldkamp's children and grandchildren. All the passengers were killed. They landed next to a memorial for the unborn. One might say it was ironic. I would say it is providential and is a clear sign of God's just judgment on the wicked. They sought the life of the righteous and were condemned. Many have risen up as a result to make bolder stands against abortion. After taking part in a prayer vigil outside the Santa Rita Prison I am fired up and ready to take the fight to wicked. Are you? Who's on the Lord's side? Stand for God or stand with the guilty with blood on your hands. Praise be to God!

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